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    What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

    To make sure your stay with us is comfortable, you may wish to bring:

    • Robe, gown, pajamas, slippers
    • Nursing bra, underwear
    • Deodorant, hair conditioner, brush, comb
    • Any critical personal items you may need
    • Personal plug-in electrical devices such as CD/MP3 players and shavers (these will need to be safety checked prior to use in the hospital)

    In addition, you should bring:

    • List of your current medications and dosages, including over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements
    • List of any allergies you may have to food, medications or other products (e.g. latex)
    • Insurance identification/membership card
    • Photo ID
    • Employer insurance forms, as appropriate
    • A copy of your Advance Health Care Directive, if you have one
    • Medical forms and paperwork given to you by your physician, if applicable

    Please leave these items at home:

    • Jewelry/watch
    • Cash
    • Credit cards
    • Hair dryer

    During your stay, we will provide:

    • Disposable underwear & sanitary pads
    • Gown & slipper socks
    • Conditioning shampoo & shower cap
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste & hair dryer

    For maternity patients, we will additionally provide:

    • Nursing gown
    • T-shirt for your newborn baby
    • Compostable diapers

    Upon discharge, maternity patients will need:

    • Loose-fitting clothes for yourself
    • Clothes & blanket for your newborn baby
    • Cloth diapers (if you prefer cloth) for your newborn baby
    • Car seat for your newborn baby

    Maternity patients will be sent home with:

    • Diaper bag
    • 2 pairs of disposable underwear & sanitary pads
    • Infant t-shirt & comb for your new baby
    • Disposable diapers
    For more information, please call 831-477-2220 or visit our website at